Nutrition and Supplements

Nutrition and Supplements

One of the cornerstones for achieving and maintaining optimum health is nutrition.  Dr. Hastings has taught college-level nutrition, given numerous presentations on the importance of nutrition, and regularly leads cleanse classes.  

Whether you are trying to optimize your nutrition, decrease inflammation, investigate food sensitivities, or change your body composition, Dr. Hastings can help find a program that will work for you.  Dietary changes are one of the most critical components to achieving your health and fitness goals.

Dr. Hastings understands that each person is unique, and so are their health needs. He offers a carefully curated selection of supplements designed to support your individual journey to optimal health. From joint support to immune system boosters, the supplements are chosen with your well-being in mind.  Dr. Hastings can work with you to design a supplement plan unique to your personal needs. 

Fullscript (formerly Wellevate) is one of Dr. Hastings's trusted sources for ordering high quality nutritional supplements and products.  Patients can view Fullscript's catalog and order directly through the dispensary.  Hastings Chiropractic patients can enjoy a 10% discount on all orders and free shipping with orders over $50 when using the dispensary link above.

He is also an authorized health care professional for Standard Process, which is "one of the few supplement manufacturers that grows many of our own raw materials organically and sustainably" and "use state-of-the-art processes to retain vital nutrients within our ingredients and are proud that both our farm and production facility are certified organic." If you are interested in ordering Standard Process products directly and having them shipped direct to you, please contact our office to get started with your own Patient Direct account.

He also utilizes cleansing with Isagenix products, metabolic typing, hair mineral analysis, elimination diets, and functional testing to determine the proper diet for your unique needs and goals.