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News from Chris - Spring Reset

April 9, 2024

Happy spring everyone!

Came in like a lion, hopefully out like a lamb. For those of you who, like me, enjoy the Spring snow, hope you are out there having a some fun! It's a short window and it looks like we are going to enjoy some warmer temps this week. Spring for me, is a wonderful time to rejuvenate and start fresh. The days are getting longer and for me that is a huge reset. If you are looking for a helpful reset for your body, a fresh approach to some nagging health issues, or just trying to optimize your health, you might consider a Spring cleanse. 

In previous classes, this is the primary detox questionnaire that I start and end every cleanse class with. It's as objective as I can get without blood work. Elizabeth went from...


News from Chris - Unlocking the Connection Between Chiropractic Care & Heart Health - February 21, 2024


I hope this newsletter finds you well and enjoying the extra light and sun we've been having. I always look forward to the shift from January into February. It's amazing what a little sun and extra light can do for you!

At Hastings Chiropractic, I always strive to provide you with valuable information that I think is important to your overall well-being. In honor of Heart Health month, I wanted to shed some light on the connections between regular chiropractic care and heart health, along with some recommendations for supplements that I think will contribute to your overall cardiovascular wellness. 

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News from Chris - December 6th, 2023

Happy charging towards Solstice everyone!

This can be a great time to reflect and recharge, or it can be a time of stress and seemingly overwhelming commitments. There are some simple things we can do to shift from the latter to the former, like connecting with family and friends, taking a walk, or a deep breath, or expressing gratitude can all help shift us to a better state. It’s how we perceive events that make them stressful or enjoyable, opening that awareness can help.  Read More