Experiences with a spring cleanse

I am just finishing up a nine day cleanse and had some new twists that I wanted to share; first and foremost was that I used Ketone test strips throughout the cleanse which provided some really interesting insight. Ketone strips are used in testing urine to determine if you are in ketosis. Ketosis simply means that your body is burning fat for fuel. It is extremely motivating to determine that you are indeed burning fat and that all the suffering (ahem, cleansing) is accomplishing what you want to accomplish.

The Ketone strips were also extremely valuable in catching my cheats as well. I have total empathy for those who do the cleanse and don’t drop a pound. Full disclosure; I started with one pre cleanse day than jumped right into 2 deep cleansing days. Results were remarkable; I dropped 8 pounds in the first three days.

Than a funny thing happened; I was at friends on Friday night and it was my time for a meal. There was pizza served, so I ate three pieces. My weight jumped 4 pounds and I lost being in ketosis. I did not eat 8,0000 calories of pizza, which is the equivalent of 4 pounds – however something made me retain huge water. The salt? the wheat? cheese? who knows. the points are; 1) it totally stalled the cleanse and 2) as I’ve known all along, there is a lot more to a healthy weight than calories. Food sensitivities are a huge issue for anyone who can’t lose weight.

Waking up Monday a.m after a week of restriction and being down 2 pounds, is not my idea of success. However, I’m back in ketosis and on my second and final cleanse day. After this day, I’m going to keep the protein relatively high and avoid starches for a couple of days. I would like to remain in ketosis for the remainder of the week. I’m also going to play around with some mini cleanses of a days duration for a few weeks. The health benefits of consistent fasting are quite substantial.

I’m using TRUEplus ketone test strips which I got at the CVS in Hanover. Any drugst


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