staying healthy through the holidays

If i’m going to get sick, this is the time of year when it’s going to happen.  Stress, lack of light and sleep, feeling over extended, these are the enemy.

Good habits are my salvation.  I find that if I stick to my good habits, they tend to make my next decision a little better.  Example; if I start my day off with a protein smoothie, my food choices for the rest of the day will tend to be healthier.  If I start to unravel, say have a coke with lunch, that tends to make my next choice not so great.  Good builds on good just as surely as bad on bad.

This time of year, sleep is especially important for me.  With the decreasing light in the day, I tend to want and need more sleep. So I go to bed a little earlier and sleep a little later.

I schedule the things that are important to me; like exercise, play, and time with Miche and the kids. I have found that scheduling my water intake; I fill up a pint first thing in the a.m, 10, 2, and 4; has been incredibly helpful.  Hydration helps with my appetite control, which helps with my blood sugar, which helps with my inflammation, which takes some stress off of my immune system.  One thing connected to the next.  One small step cascading into larger systems and steps. You get the picture.

On the supplement end, as a preventative, I take 20,000 i.u’s of Vit D 1X a week.  I give my children 10,000.  I like the liqui D3 from Rx Vitamins.  It’s liquid, obviously, in a olive oil base.  Kids love it, and with a micronized liquid I know some of it is getting home.  Not so confident with a pill.  The second thing I keep on hand is Myco-Select.  This is from Moss nutrition and is a mushroom extract with impressive immune boosting properties.  I carry these both in the office, or you can order from Moss nutrtition at 800-851-5444.

I would love to hear what you do to stay stress free and healthy throughout the holidays and the winter season.

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