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I have had this blog site for 2 months and am just now getting around to posting.  My goal for this blog is to share some of what I do and what I am learning in my journey to stay vital, engaged, and growing.  I am a firm believer that  without good physical health, emotional and spiritual growth becomes that much more difficult.

So much of what I do, in terms of personal pro-active healthcare, is driven by my desire to be the best parent, father, husband I can be.  I really want to be vital and engaged with my children.  I understand that when I am tired or not feeling well, my parenting skills deteriorate rapidly.  I’m more apt to be short and disengaged.  I want the energy to always be present with my wife and children.

I have written about some of what I do in other formats, but most important for any of us to start working towards optimal health is to start small, think in terms of changing your environment versus using will power.  Will power will fade…trust me!  I highly recommend the book “Switch” by Chip and Dan Heath.  Some changes I have made include a protein smoothie in the morning, a water drinking schedule; I commit to a pint first thing in the a.m, at 10, 2, and 4.  I am a big fan of positive affirmations and giving thanks.  I do both every morning on my drive to work (yes, I do it out loud, so i’m one of those people on the road talking to themselves).  I try and work out 2-3 times a week and stay very active with play and yard work over the weekends.  I  change my workout routine every 2-3 months.

I do take supplements; many are in my protein smoothie with greens in the a.m., but I also take a methylated B vitamin which has some adrenal hormone in it as well, and this time of year I do some preventative supplementing, mostly with Vitamin D.  I take 20,000 i.u’s 1X a week and give my children 10,000 i.u’s 1X a week.  I also have goldenseal, and a mushroom extract on hand which I pound at the first sign of any type of bug.

If you have read this far, here is a challenge for you; what small thing or habit can you employ today that you feel 90% confident that you can continue indefinitely?  Remember, think small.  Success leads to more success but the downside is equally true; failure leads to more failure.  Good luck and would love to hear some of your strategies and habits that you employ to stay healthy.

yours in health,


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